Using Technology to Enhance In-Store Experiences During the Holidays

By Alayna Larson - Digital Marketer
Posted on October 25, 2023

Using Technology to Enhance In-Store Experiences During the Holidays - AdSerts, Inc.

The holiday season can be a stressful time for everyone. In recent years, retailers have been leveraging the power of technology to give their customers a more immersive and enjoyable shopping experience.

Mobile Circular

Adserts offers clients the option of a Mobile Circular. It's more than just a digital ad. It's a bridge that connects your customers directly to their local store. It's a perfect solution to show your customers what's on sale. Is Santa visiting your store? Make store specific announcments using the Mobile Circular! With it's custom admin framework, adding and removing content is easier than ever. You have the power to make changes on the fly with just a few clicks. The Mobile Circular is sure to fully immerse your customers in their holiday shopping experiences this season.

QR Codes

Adding QR codes to your ads, posters, and signage is crucial. This allows your customers to easily gain access to more information about your company. Whether it leads them to your social media, signs them up for rewards, or sends them to your website, having QR codes are sure to make the shopping experience more efficient for your customers.

Live Streaming

Have an event going on at your store? Perhaps you’re hosting a tool demonstration or handing out free snacks. Either way, consider live streaming the event on social media! Your followers will get a notification when you go live, and this may entice them to join in on the fun. If they’re unable to make it, it’s a great way to let them be a part of it all.  Live streaming is also a great way to show that you are involved with your community.

Contactless Payments

The number one thing that customers complain about during the holiday shopping season are the lines. In order to reduce this concern and make the checkout experience more efficient, consider investing in contactless payment options! Whether it’s self-checkout or accepting mobile wallets, it’s going to allow your customers to make purchases quickly and efficiently.

Interactive Displays

Touchscreen displays or interactive displays can provide information about products, allow customers to explore a variety of options, or create an immersive holiday-themed experience. This can include anything from animated windows to interactive VR experiences and is sure to engage shoppers and fully immerse them in the holiday atmosphere.

As technology continues to revolutionize the retail space, take advantage of the new and exciting trends that you can utilize in order to give your customers the ultimate shopping experience.