Key Retail Marketing Trends of 2023 - Preparing for 2024

By Alayna Larson - Digital Marketer
Posted on December 20, 2023

Key Retail Marketing Trends of 2023 - Preparing for 2024 - AdSerts, Inc.

Nothing moves faster than retail industry trends. Now that there are more ways to shop than ever before, retailers need to find a way to keep customers happy while gaining a competitive edge. This blog will look at the top industry trends we saw in 2023 in order to help you prepare for 2024.


Hybrid Shopping

While young audiences such as Gen Z are more likely to shop online, all generations still value the in-store shopping experience. Knowing this, it’s important to create a seamless omnichannel shopping experience for your customers – offering them the best of both worlds however they may choose to shop.


AI and Personalization

Retailers can quickly understand user preferences, create personalized promotions, and recommend relevant products by incorporating AI into their marketing strategy. Your customers want to feel seen and understood by you. By providing them with seamless experiences and personalized recommendations, you are sure to boost customer loyalty.


Social Commerce

As we all know, social media is an incredibly powerful marketing tool. Integrating your products into your social media channels gives your customers an easy way to shop. Inspiration-led purchase journeys have become increasingly popular. Customers are going to social media to get inspiration and discover new products. Make it seamless for them by providing them a way to buy those products in whichever platform they’re using.


Sustainable Shopping

People prefer to shop with brands that have similar beliefs to them. A lot of the time, this comes down to sustainability, especially with younger generations. Using eco-friendly materials, recycled or reusable packing, making donations, and offering repair and maintenance services are just a few ways to decrease your company’s carbon footprint.


While we don’t know what trends 2024 will bring to the retail industry, we can leverage the trends that dominated the industry in 2023. Use these tips to help build your strategy, gain a competitive advantage, and exceed your customers’ expectations.