El Rey Foods

By Hailey Kuzniewski - Graphic Design Assistant
Posted on May 26, 2023

El Rey Foods  - AdSerts, Inc.

When El Rey came to us with a Double the Points on Products through the App Card request, we knew exactly what to create for them. They requested several assets but the main need was In-Store Signage. We kept the design the same throughout all assets including Facebook, Emails, In-Store Signage & Posters. This helped create a connection with customers entering the stores and using social media. The In-Store Signage was crucial to connecting everything together for the customers. We created a 2” x 5” shelf sign that would go with each item in the store. This included the App Card logo and a QR code to scan and find this item in the app. Using English & Spanish text makes the shelf sign that much easier for any customer to read. Keeping the design sweet and simple was the goal and we achieved it.