Digital Ads are Taking Off

By Jerry Veit - Graphic Designer
Posted on April 18, 2023

Digital Ads are Taking Off - AdSerts, Inc.

Retailers are relying more on digital advertising over print more than ever. Print may not be dead, but it is slowing down. There’s always something to be said about having a physical paper, flyer, catalog or booklet in your hand, but with a cheaper investment and a wider distribution, digital is hard to ignore.

Countless of digital ads and coupons are zipping towards emails, text messages and apps faster than mailed circulars of yesteryear. More so, editing a digital ad is possible and after a refresh new information or deals are ready for the masses. Print is permanent, and misprints or changes require another printed piece explaining the reason.

While digital is flooding the market, it’s still nice to have something to page through. Big events like Black Friday and Christmas may always benefit from taking advantage of mailing sales directly to the mailbox or available in-store to create buzz.

It is true that not everyone has a smartphone, computer and tablet, let alone just one of these, but the future of these devices reaching more households is very bright. An online presence is no longer optional, but the difference between success or a slow decline. We are more likely to check an online inventory before stepping into a store rather than just walking in and browsing. From grocery to cars and even restaurants, we shop and research online first. If your brand or product isn’t there, someone else’s is.

We should never rule print out altogether, but relying solely on it is a slippery slope. Both print and digital are needed for success with the later needing a solid foothold in the market and being well-planned.