Cross-Promotion Marketing

By Jerry Veit - Graphic Designer
Posted on October 4, 2023

Cross-Promotion Marketing - AdSerts, Inc.

One way to boost sales during the holiday season is also a strategy that can be used year-round. Promoting products from different brands with similar audiences is called cross-promoting.

A display of Christmas string lights may have a sidecap or clip-strip of power strips or extension cords. Customers who are looking to stock up on their lights may also remember to grab one or two items after seeing the relation of both products.

Put batteries next to smoke alarms or light bulbs near light fixtures. Having some essential products in several areas of the store increases the chances they will be picked up rather than directing someone to just one location.

According to Hubspot, cross-promoting can increase revenue of up to 30-43%. Customers are also more likely to return due to the “ease” of finding or shopping for what they need. If something is too hard to find or too far away from the department that customers are shopping then their chances of getting it someplace else increases.

If space is an issue try posting sign reminders, such as, “Do you need..., or don’t forget the (batteries).” The runway, or aisle before the checkouts, can be utilized to showcase some last minute gift ideas, essentials, or goodies. Take advantage of longer lines by keeping people buying even when they thought they were done.

With these few cost-efficient tips your store has greater income potential.